Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Commercial Diving in the Cook Inlet

Project Description: 4,1000ft of the subsea oil pipeline was cut out and replaced with sectional spool pieces towed from shore.

American Marine Divers ensured each spool piece landed in a small target box next to an active gas pipeline. This requires precise movements, and Divers will have the know-how and experience working in the Cook Inlet environment.

Our divers utilized a metrology jig at each connection to fabricate the closure spools. These closure spools ranged from 20-50ft with various configurations to ensure the lines flanged together.

Divers cut both ends of the existing line utilizing a hydraulic Wach Saw and installed collet grips on each end. Creative solutions such as closure spools that went over existing lines on the seafloor were installed.

American Marine was proud to play the subsea experts in this technically challenging project.

Repair Seal Team Delivery Vehicle Boat Ramp and Finger Pier

4. Repair Seal Team Delivery Vehicle

Commercial Diving Project in Hawaii

AMC is working on a Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) project in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. The project involves constructing a new boat ramp and finger pier to help meet the expanding needs of the U.S. Navy Seal teams stationed on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam.

AMC will utilize a Watson hydraulic drill rig, its derrick barge AMC 160, and a D36 diesel hammer to pre-drill and drive new concrete piles to support a new boat ramp and finger pier.

After pile driving, the derrick barge AMC 160, in conjunction with AMC’s ADCI certified divers, will install underwater precast concrete pile caps, suspended slabs, and boat ramp panels.

Port Allen Maintenance Dredging

Port Allen Maintenance Dredging

Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracted AMC to conduct maintenance dredging in Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii.

AMC dredged approximately 482,000 cubic yards over 90 days. The crews were working in two 12 hour shifts, seven days a week which resulted in the project being complete well in advance of the projected schedule.

Our Team’s knowledge of the local environment played a critical role in the success of this project.

3. Port Allen Maintenance Dredging
Port Allen Maintenance Dredging

Ocean Cleanup Pacific Garbage Patch System Modifications 2018

Crane Barge wtih System on deck

Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

AMC towed a version of The Ocean Cleanup’s prototype from the Pacific Garbage patch to our office in Honolulu. AMC utilized its Tug and barge fleet to assist with making modifications and structural reinforcements for the system to better withstand the harsh environment of the Pacific Ocean.

The AMC team made a fast turnaround to ensure the system was deployed and operational with minimal downtime. Our team is extremely proud to have played a role in protecting our Oceans and making them a cleaner and better place for future generations. Mahalo!

Waikiki Sand Replenishment


Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

AMC is working as a sub-contractor to Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. to pump more than 20,000 CY of sand from offshore of Waikiki Beach to a dewatering basin where Kiewit then distributed the sand on Waikiki Beach.

AMC utilized a newly purchased Damen hydraulically driven dredge pump connected to an excavator with an AMC-designed jib.

Our team was able to beat production and finished another incident-free project.

Pearl Harbor Sediment Remediation

telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper

Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

AMC is placing activated carbon (AC) on the seafloor under numerous piers and in open water areas of Pearl Harbor to encapsulate contaminates. Before any work was completed, AMC needed to create a layout specifically for each area under the pier and open water area to ensure project requirements of 2” and 1” application thicknesses.

AMC uses a unique approach to disburse AC which utilizes a blower machine placed on the barge and loaded via telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper (2,500 lbs of AC). Deck crew then distributes AC under the pier into the desired square footage.

In open water application, AMC devised a floating target box using HDPE piping and attached turbidity curtains to create a movable containment area while the crew applied the product. So far date the project has applied roughly 3.9 million pounds of AC onto the ocean floor.

equipment used on pearl-harbor-Sediment-remediation
telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper

Marine Emergency Response

Arctic Commercial Diving Alaska

Emergency Response & Salvage Services

We provide a wide variety of Marine Emergency Response services. Namely and most commonly are pollution control and salvage of marine assets.

marine emergency response

Oil Spill and Pollution Clean Up Services

Pollution Control: We deal with pollution and environmental remediation and spill response. Spills such as oil and fuel spills on the water and land. We will contain the spill and prevent further spreading of the contaminate. We will then recover the contaminate and make sure the source is removed to avoid further release of pollutants into the environment.

When this happens on the water we use Spill Boom that floats on the surface of the Ocean and surrounds the source that is leaking pollutants (i.e ships that ran aground on rocks, a pipeline that is leaking, etc.).

Marine Salvage Services

Marine Salvage: We routinely perform salvage services. This involves recovering an asset that is compromised. Most commonly, this involves an asset over the water, such as a vessel or barge that is having issues and in a dire situation that can lead to loss of life and or property. We deploy divers to assess the condition of the assets underwater and make temporary or permanent repairs.

We deploy tug boats, barges, and other marine assets to perform remediation of the asset and assist in removing the threat of environmental harm.

Hazardous Ocean Material Removal Services

Hazard Material Removal: We deploy a wide variety of skilled labor who are Hazard Material (HAZWOPPER) trained to work with contaminates and remediate them. We are constantly utilizing our commercial diving teams to recover cargo or valuables that have fallen into the Ocean.

Marine Emergency Response Services

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AMC 160

american marine corporation

CB AMC-160


CB AMC-160

Dimensions: 160′ x 51′ x 13′

Winches: 50,000# Line pull BU-140 winches central air control

Machinery: 60 KW Generator ships air below deck

Mooring Array: 1-1/4″ Wire Rope, Fixed Turning Blocks and Berger Fairleads, 6-Ton Anchors

Crane: 4500 Manitowoc, Rated 100 Tons Over Stern, Maximum Boom Height 167′

Gross Tons: 925 Tons

Net Tons: 925 Tons

Official Number: 1211112

Area of Operations: Coastwise Registry