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Grace Hopper Subsea Cable Installation

grace hopper subsea cable installation crew

American Marine was hired to perform Diving Services for installing a subsea fiber optic cable from New York to the United Kingdom and Spain.

Diving services were conducted from a DP vessel per IMCA diving standards. Divers operated a cable plough system for cable burial and prepared the HDD nearshore connection to receive the subsea cable from offshore to the shore landing.

Diving was performed to strict IMCA standards with the highest level of Safety and Professionalism. American Marine received outstanding applause from our Client for our performance and for living up to our motto of “Performance Under Pressure.”

Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Commercial Diving in the Cook Inlet

4,1000 ft of the subsea oil pipeline was cut out and replaced with sectional spool pieces towed from shore.

American Marine Divers ensured each spool piece landed in a small target box next to an active gas pipeline. This requires precise movements, and Divers will have the know-how and experience working in the Cook Inlet environment.

Our divers utilized a metrology jig at each connection to fabricate the closure spools. These closure spools ranged from 20-50ft with various configurations to ensure the lines flanged together.

Divers cut both ends of the existing line utilizing a hydraulic Wach Saw and installed collet grips on each end. Creative solutions such as closure spools that went over existing lines on the seafloor were installed.

American Marine was proud to play the subsea experts in this technically challenging project.

Arctic Commercial Diving

Arctic Commercial Diving Alaska

American Marine Corporation has been providing diving services to the marine industry since 1973, and is currently serving a wide variety of public and private sector clients in all three of our operating regions.

Our operating regions include Hawaii and the outer Pacific Islands, the West Coast of the United States, Alaska, the Gulf and East Coasts, Central America, and several international areas.

We conduct operations globally to meet our client’s demands.

Arctic commercial diving service in Alaska

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Arctic Commercial Diving Services

(907) 562-5420


AMC is an audited member of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) under is subsidiary American Marine International.

Our capabilities include air diving to 190 feet, mixed gas diving to 300 feet, diving in Arctic Conditions & extreme tidal conditions, and supply and operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

As Alaska’s premier Arctic diving specialists, AMC provides the following services:

Search & Recovery Operations

Emergency Services such as Salvage operations to recover a sunk vessel, barge, or one that ran aground on land, remove oil pollution and clean the oil pollution on the water that resulted in the vessel damage, fire fighting on a vessel to prevent the vessel from sinking, recover items that sunk in ocean or lakes, utilize divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to perform an inspection, search and recovery of the asset.

Underwater Cofferdam Construction and Installation

Install cofferdams in the water to allow for construction companies to dewater the area of work and perform the work in the dry versus having to do the construction underwater.

Hull Inspection and Repair

Inspect Vessel’s Hull for damage or periodic inspections per Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) regulations. This requires specific qualifications from ABS if the vessel is an ABS classed vessel. Repair damage from running around, hitting an object, vessel failure, etc.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing is a certified and specific qualification that allows us to perform testing on structural and material components without damaging those components. A great example is performing Ultrasonic Testing of an oil platform leg to ensure the steel is in good condition and not compromised. We perform NDT on subsea pipelines, marine structures like platforms, ports, marinas, and docks. We perform a wide variety of tests, including but not limited to Thickness Readings, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Flooded member tests, eddy-current testing, and ultrasonic.

Offshore Moorings and Platforms

We install, inspect, and repair Offshore moorings and platforms. This can be a wide range of services with very in-depth procedures to comply with Regulatory codes and standards. Some moorings we have worked on are single and multi-point moorings for tankers to offload or load products.

  • Subsea Pipeline Installation and Repair
  • Subsea Cable Installation and Repair
  • Marine Outfall Inspection and Repair

These three services are all similar. They involve installing subsea components. We install pipelines that carry all sorts of products from crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and more. We install subsea cables such as power cables and fiber optic communication cables. We install outfalls that deliver a waste product offshore and deposit the material far from the beach/shoreline. We perform these services all over the world and in some of the most extreme in the Arctic. This requires local knowledge and top performance to ensure everything goes smoothly in these harsh environments.

Construction Support

We provide a wide variety of marine construction support. This involves commercial diving, crew vessels to transfer personnel and cargo, barges, cranes, tug boats for towing services, project management, welding and fabrication services, and more.

Underwater Video and Photographic Inspection

Wide variety of underwater video and photo inspections on waterfront facilities, pilings, piers, subsea pipelines, vessels, barges, offshore platforms, docks, etc.

Scour Inspection and Repair

We perform annual scour inspection and repairs. Scour occurs when environmental factors such as tidal currents, surf, winds, etc. create subsea assets that interface with the seafloor. Over time the environmental factors create instability and no support for the subsea assets. This eventually can lead to damage of the structures due to insufficient support and protection.

Dam Rehabilitation

Perform repair and maintenance services on Dam’s involving a wide variety of services such as underwater gate repair or replace, steel and concrete repair and/or replacement, intake and outfall subsea infrastructure inspection and maintenance.

Epoxy Injection and Pile Encapsulation

This involves piling inspection, and if deemed necessary by engineering, we will install pile jackets that come in many types and installation methods. The Jackets are typically installed around a degraded area of the piling. Then the jacket is filled with an underwater pump grout/marine epoxy that adds strength and integrity to the repair.

Call our Alaska office at (907) 562-5420 to inquire about Arctic commercial diving services.