Marine Construction Services

Full Service Marine Construction Support

American Marine Corporation has been working in the marine construction industry since the 1970s. Over the years AMC has grown this business line from small scale projects to multi-million dollar projects.

AMC has expertise in projects such as as subsea outfalls and pipelines, pile driving, marina construction, salvage projects, pier and wharf construction, dredging, and waterfront facility repair.

marine construction crew

Some of our marine construction capabilities are as follows:

  • Pile driving (pipe, concrete, sheet, H-section steel)
  • Wharf repairs (timber, concrete,steel) Dredging
  • Coastal protection and remediation
  • Sub-sea pipeline and outfall installation and maintenance
  • Marina Installations
  • Subsea cable installations and maintenance
  • Offshore platform maintenance and repair

AMC owns a wide variety of marine construction equipment, including: crane barges, tugboats, crew boats, and heavy machinery. This allows us to keep costs competitive by utilizing “in-house,” with minimal reliance on outside support.

Our management staff of experienced engineers and construction managers have built a reputation for innovative solutions to complex construction problems in the marine environment. 

The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association(ASBPA )honored AMC with a National Award for the Best Restored Beach for the Waikiki sand replenishment project.