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Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Commercial Diving in the Cook Inlet

4,1000 ft of the subsea oil pipeline was cut out and replaced with sectional spool pieces towed from shore.

American Marine Divers ensured each spool piece landed in a small target box next to an active gas pipeline. This requires precise movements, and Divers will have the know-how and experience working in the Cook Inlet environment.

Our divers utilized a metrology jig at each connection to fabricate the closure spools. These closure spools ranged from 20-50ft with various configurations to ensure the lines flanged together.

Divers cut both ends of the existing line utilizing a hydraulic Wach Saw and installed collet grips on each end. Creative solutions such as closure spools that went over existing lines on the seafloor were installed.

American Marine was proud to play the subsea experts in this technically challenging project.

Arctic Fiber Optic Subsea Installation


Marine Construction Project in Alaska

Fiber Optic Subsea Installation Project

Location: North Slope, AK
Description:  Installation of subsea fiber optic cables from multiple shore landings in Western Alaska to the North Slope of Alaska. Utilizing Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) the cable was safely installed from shoreside stations through the permafrost zone and daylighted offshore. Divers jetting the cable from shallow water to deepwater offshore were the deep draft cable lay ship connected to the cable. The team dealt with the harsh work conditions of the Arctic Circle and ensuring the cable was installed correctly to avoid dangers from icebergs.