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Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Cook Inlet Platform Subsea Pipeline Installation

Commercial Diving in the Cook Inlet

4,1000 ft of the subsea oil pipeline was cut out and replaced with sectional spool pieces towed from shore.

American Marine Divers ensured each spool piece landed in a small target box next to an active gas pipeline. This requires precise movements, and Divers will have the know-how and experience working in the Cook Inlet environment.

Our divers utilized a metrology jig at each connection to fabricate the closure spools. These closure spools ranged from 20-50ft with various configurations to ensure the lines flanged together.

Divers cut both ends of the existing line utilizing a hydraulic Wach Saw and installed collet grips on each end. Creative solutions such as closure spools that went over existing lines on the seafloor were installed.

American Marine was proud to play the subsea experts in this technically challenging project.

Pearl Harbor Sediment Remediation

telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper

Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

AMC is placing activated carbon (AC) on the seafloor under numerous piers and in open water areas of Pearl Harbor to encapsulate contaminates. Before any work was completed, AMC needed to create a layout specifically for each area under the pier and open water area to ensure project requirements of 2” and 1” application thicknesses.

AMC uses a unique approach to disburse AC which utilizes a blower machine placed on the barge and loaded via telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper (2,500 lbs of AC). Deck crew then distributes AC under the pier into the desired square footage.

In open water application, AMC devised a floating target box using HDPE piping and attached turbidity curtains to create a movable containment area while the crew applied the product. So far date the project has applied roughly 3.9 million pounds of AC onto the ocean floor.

equipment used on pearl-harbor-Sediment-remediation
telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper

Hilo WWTP Outfall Repairs

American Marine Corporation Diving project Hilo WWTP outfall pipeline

Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

This project consisted of repairing several existing leaks and an undermined section of the 48” Hilo WWTP outfall pipeline, at an approximate 50’ depth. The leak repair portion of this work consisted of several methodologies, including the use of oakum, epoxy grout, large stainless steel pipe clamps, and grout jackets. Repairing the undermined portion of the outfall pipe required excavation, placement of filter fabric, and the placement and pouring of several layers of concrete fabric form bags and mats. The final design of the fabric forms and the concrete mix design were completed by AMC. AMC utilized specialized charter vessels and concrete mixing and pumping equipment to set up an offshore batch plant, and pump concrete to a depth of 50’. AMC was able to overcome challenges with concrete material logistics, bad weather, and stringent BMP requirements to complete the project.

Hilo WWTP Outfall Repairs American Marine Corporation Hawaii project
Hilo WWTP Outfall Repairs American Marine Corporation Hawaii

Arctic Fiber Optic Subsea Installation


Marine Construction Project in Alaska

Fiber Optic Subsea Installation Project

Location: North Slope, AK
Description:  Installation of subsea fiber optic cables from multiple shore landings in Western Alaska to the North Slope of Alaska. Utilizing Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) the cable was safely installed from shoreside stations through the permafrost zone and daylighted offshore. Divers jetting the cable from shallow water to deepwater offshore were the deep draft cable lay ship connected to the cable. The team dealt with the harsh work conditions of the Arctic Circle and ensuring the cable was installed correctly to avoid dangers from icebergs.


Subsea Manifold Reconfiguration

Tyonek Pipeline Remediation Project 2005

Commercial Diving Project in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Subsea Manifold Reconfiguration Service

Project Location: Cook Inlet, Alaska

Description: Existing subsea manifold was completely reconfigured to allow for Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) operations and to increase functionality. AMC dealt with zero visibility subsea conditions, strong currents, and debris that present snagging hazards. The existing flanges, valves, and spool pieces were from the 1960s and required extensive engineering to ensure proper reconfiguration.

subsea manifold reconfiguration alaska
subsea manifold reconfiguration svs