Marine Construction Project in Hawaii

AMC is placing activated carbon (AC) on the seafloor under numerous piers and in open water areas of Pearl Harbor to encapsulate contaminates. Before any work was completed, AMC needed to create a layout specifically for each area under the pier and open water area to ensure project requirements of 2” and 1” application thicknesses.

AMC uses a unique approach to disburse AC which utilizes a blower machine placed on the barge and loaded via telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper (2,500 lbs of AC). Deck crew then distributes AC under the pier into the desired square footage.

In open water application, AMC devised a floating target box using HDPE piping and attached turbidity curtains to create a movable containment area while the crew applied the product. So far date the project has applied roughly 3.9 million pounds of AC onto the ocean floor.

equipment used on pearl-harbor-Sediment-remediation
telehandler forklift into the blower’s hopper