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Commercial Diving

American Marine Corporation Commercial Diving

American Marine Corporation has been supplying commercial diving services worldwide, from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Islands since 1973, and is currently serving a wide variety of public and private sector clients in all three of our operating regions.

Our capabilities include air diving to 190 feet, mixed gas diving to 300 feet, and the supply and operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV).


Some of our capabilities are as follows

Search & Recovery Operations
Underwater cofferdam construction and installation
Hull inspection and repair
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Offshore moorings and platforms
Marine outfall inspection and repair
Construction support
Underwater video and photographic inspection
Scour inspection and repair
Dam rehabilitation
Epoxy injection and pile encapsulation

American Marine Corporation has built a reputation of a safe, reliable, quality diving services with a history of successful project completion and service. Our core diving staff in each region provides the client with a stable workforce upon which to call in emergency situations.

Marine Construction

American Marine Corporation has long been engaged in marine construction projects throughout the Pacific, performing such varied tasks as underwater outfalls and pipelines, pile driving, marina construction, salvage projects, pier and wharf construction, dredging, and waterfront facility repair. Construction equipment, tugboats, crew boats and other work boats allows us to complete most of our projects “in-house,” with minimal reliance on outside support.


Some of our capabilities are as follows:

Pile driving (pipe, concrete, sheet, H-section steel)
Wharf repairs (timber, concrete)
Shore protection
Rock placement
Sub-sea pipeline and outfall installation and maintenance
Reinforced concrete construction
Levee/dike construction and earthwork

Our management staff of experienced engineers and construction managers has built a reputation for innovative solutions to complex construction problems in the marine environment. Some of our more recent clients include BP Exploration Alaska and Conoco-Phillips Alaska.

Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Services in Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

American Marine Corporation’s operation of eight ocean-going tugboats, six crew boats, and several dive vessels, barges, and marine watercraft have been serving the West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Islands, and Alaska for over 30 years.

Our vessels are manned by construction oriented crews who understand the discipline required to see projects through to safe and timely completion.

American Marine Corporation maintains its fleet to high industry standards through following compliance and guidelines for the American Waterways Operators (AWO). Vessels and compliance standard are reviewed annually to ensure AWO is followed.

See our operated fleet here.

Some of our more common tasks are:

Ocean logistics support
Ocean cargo tows
Construction support
Dredging support
Oil tanker tending
Ocean oil barge tows
Ship support/stores
Water taxi services
Oceanographic surveying
Diving support
West to East Coast tows

Waterfront Services

American Marine Corporation’s Port of Los Angeles location provides reliable yard support services, topside repairs, diving, cargo loading and offloading, cargo securing services, as well as staging and support during project mobilization and de-mobilization. We have maintained a facility in the Port of Los Angeles for over 25 years. Our Berth 270/271 facility has 1250 linear feet of bulkhead within the protected waters of Fish Harbor – making us the closest support facility to the Angel’s Gate and the Pacific Ocean within the port complex. Our staff is highly experienced and customer focused. We can provide welding, fabrication, mechanical repair, crane service, vessel shifting, general labor, water, trash, and debris disposal and other ancillary services. AMC’s labor pool consists of equipment operators, riggers, welders, fabricators, mechanics, vessel crews, and laborers.


Some of our capabilities are as follows:

Short and long term dockside moorage and topside shipyard services
Loading, securing and offloading of cargo or equipment
Staging areas for mobilization of major marine construction jobs
Equipment assembly and component sub-assembly
Materials and marine equipment staging
Provisioning of marine related assets to accommodate the film industry
Commercial diving services
Vessel and fendering services
Local marine towing & shifting services
Emergency response services

A partial list of our many local satisfied marine clients include: Dutra Construction – Emmert International – Foss Maritime – K-Sea Transportation – Marine Technical Services – Nova Group – OSG Lightering – Traylor Pacific Construction – SeaCor – Southern California Edison – Vortex.

We also provide services to the motion picture and film industry. Our many clients within the film industry include: Nautical Film Services, Paramount Pictures, Spelling Films International and Warner Bros.