Marine Salvage & Oil Spill Cleanup



American Marine Corporation conducts Salvage & Environmental Services in Alaska via coordination with Pacific Environmental Corporation, PENCO. 

PENCO is a member of American Marine Services group that was formed in 1985 in an effort to provide marine emergency response for oil spills and related environmental services.  

PENCO was the Pacific’s first commercial operator dedicated to oil spill cleanup and since its inception has expanded from its regional office in Hawaii up and down the West Coast from California to Alaska. 

PENCO is a cost-effective “one-stop” source for environmental response and remediation, providing equipment, supplies, and staff expertise to exceed the demands of our clients.

AMC and PENCO form a symbiotic relationship with the advantage of bringing together extensive marine knowledge coupled with environmental response and remediation to form a powerful team. 

We pride ourselves in being able to bring the best employees and equipment together to ensure every job is completed safely and all the while meeting our “Excellence in Operations” goal.

Marine Emergency Response Services in Alaska

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The Arctic region is one of the planet’s most challenging and unforgiving environments, with harsh weather conditions and vast expanses of rugged wilderness.

The combination of these factors makes the Arctic a particularly challenging environment for maritime operations, and it is essential to have reliable Salvage & Environmental Response services in place to mitigate any potential risks.

Salvage services are essential for recovering vessels stranded or damaged in the Arctic region. With strong currents and icebergs constantly shifting, vessels can quickly become stranded or run aground, which can significantly threaten the environment and human life.

Salvage services in the Arctic utilize specialized equipment and techniques to recover stranded vessels safely, such as floating cranes, heavy lift equipment, and specialized salvage vessels.

These services are critical for minimizing the environmental impact of stranded vessels and ensuring crew members’ safety.

Oil Spill and Pollution Clean Up Services

In addition to Salvage services, Environmental Response services are crucial in the Arctic region. The Arctic is a unique and fragile ecosystem that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of oil spills and other environmental disasters.

In the event of an oil spill, for example, specialized teams of Environmental Response professionals are deployed to the scene to contain and clean up the spill as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These teams utilize various techniques and equipment to minimize the spill’s environmental impact, such as containment booms, skimmers, and absorbent materials.


Salvage and Environmental Response services in the Arctic are complex operations requiring significant expertise and specialized equipment.

As a result, companies that provide these services in the Arctic region must deeply understand the unique challenges and risks associated with operating in this harsh and unforgiving environment.

This includes having access to specialized equipment and resources and having a highly trained and experienced team of professionals who can respond quickly and effectively to any emergency.

In conclusion, Salvage and Environmental Response services in the Arctic are essential for protecting the environment and the safety of those working in the region.

The unique challenges and risks associated with operating in the Arctic make these services particularly complex, and companies that provide these services must have a deep understanding of this environment’s unique conditions and requirements.

With the right resources and expertise, however, Salvage and Environmental Response services can play a critical role in ensuring the safe and sustainable development of the Arctic region.

Marine Salvage Services

Marine Salvage: We routinely perform salvage services in Alaska. This involves recovering an asset that is compromised. Most commonly, this involves an asset over the water, such as a vessel or barge that is having issues and in a dire situation that can lead to loss of life and or property.

We deploy divers to assess the condition of the assets underwater and make temporary or permanent repairs.

We deploy tug boats, barges, and other marine assets to perform remediation of the asset and assist in removing the threat of environmental harm.

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