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Ocean Cargo Tows

Open ocean towing and logistics involves deep water tows and transfer of personnel and cargo from point A to point B. We have traveled as far as Africa, across the Gulf of Mexico and through the Panama Canal, up and down the West Coast and West Coast mainland to Hawaii and Wake Island.

We do an annual run from Honolulu to Wake Island and the outer Pacific islands to tow barges with supplies and goods for the Islands. The goods come from the mainland and arrive in Honolulu, get re-arranged, and we tow a barge with the specific goods out to Wake Island and surrounding islands (Guam, America Samoa, Midway, etc.).

American Islander


American Islander


American Islander

American Islander Cargo Tows

Year Built: 1970 by Bender Marine (Complete rebuild 2002)

Dimensions: 100′ x 24′ x 12′

Deck Space: Clear Deck Space 1100 sq. ft. 55 Long Tons of Cargo

Main Propulsion: 2 GM Detroit Diesels, Model V-16-71, 1200HP

Generators: 40 Kw, 110/220 Volts, John Deere

Speed: 12 Knots

Fuel Capacity: 21,000 Gallons   086 Tons    Fuel Consumption: 33 GPH

Potable Water: 26,263 Gallons 100 Tons

After Station: Yes

Fire Monitor: Fire Pump 6″ Deming Drive by 4-71 GM Diesel. 110 HP Pumping Through 1-1/2″ Nozzle at 130psi.

Hydraulic “A” Frame: 15 Ton Articulating “A” Frame

Hydraulic Crane:   2.5 Ton   Hydraulic Crane

Deck Winch: Hydraulic Single Drum w/Single Capstan.

Capacity: 1500′ of 1-3/8″ Wire Line Pull at 25 RPM 25,000 LBS at 12 1/2 RPM 50,000 LBS

Bow Winch: Hydraulic Single Drum w/Double Capstan 1300′ of 7/8″ Wire

Electronics: Two (2) Radar, Single Side Band Radio, Two (2) VHF Radios, One (1) Private UHF Radio, Auto Pilot, GPS, 50 MHz Depth Sounder, SAT Phone

Accommodations: USCG certified for 27 passengers

Gross Tons: 98 Tons

Official Number: 529 318

Area of Operations: Oceans, Coastwise, Lakes, Bays, and Sounds

Light Ship Tons: 177 Tons

Dwt (1/2 F&W): 281 Tons

Bollard Pull: 010 Tons