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California Subsea Cable Installation

Subsea Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Subsea Fiber Optic Cable Installation

American Marine Corporation (AMC) was hired to provide ROV monitoring and assistance with installing a subsea fiber optic cable from Asia to California.

AMC utilized our advantageous waterfront facility located in the Port of Los Angeles to perform a large mobilization of the offshore vessel for operations.

We had to perform various retrofits to accommodate the equipment on board the vessel and our ABS certified welding team was critical in making this happen in short order. This project required cable monitoring up to 2,000m water depth.

Deep Water Mooring Service

AMC was hired to service DCOR’s offshore deep water moorings for Platforms Esther, Edith, Eva, Gina, Gilda and Holly. Our work included the replacement of the dip sections, riser sections, associated hardware and installation of the refurbished mooring cans at the offshore platforms in Southern California.

Submarine Portion Removal of Old Sylmar Ground Return System

Submarine Portion Removal of Old Sylmar Ground Return System

AMC was hired as the prime contractor by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to remove, demo, and dispose of the retired submarine portion of the Sylmar Ground Return System. We removed 26 concrete underwater vaults that measured 11’x7’x6’ and weighed over 20 tons each, over 10,000 feet of submarine power cable, over 25 concrete clump weights, marker buoys, and other related debris about one mile offshore in Santa Monica Bay in depths ranging from 40-65 feet. All components of this system were taken back to our waterfront facility at Berth 270-271 in the Port of Los Angeles for demolition and land disposal. LADWP is a valued client of ours and we are happy to complete another safe and successful project for them!

Port of Los Angeles: Berths 226-236 Terminal Improvement

AMC worked as a subcontractor to Manson Construction to handle all of the underwater scope of work for the wharf rehabilitation of Berths 226-236 in the Port of Los Angeles. We installed over 1,000 linear feet of octagonal and square concrete pile encasements utilizing the FX-70 fiberglass jacket system with marine-grade epoxy and underwater grout. This pile encasement work was a permanent solution to repair non-structural piles, structural piles, and broken piles that occurred over the life span of the wharf. AMC also repaired the slope underneath the Berth with underwater concrete pumping and bag placement to fill multiple voids. Lastly, our dive team completed the newly installed sheet pile wall by cutting it level at the desired underwater elevation and performing the underwater welding of the closure plate. Another successful project competed for the Port of LA!

La Jolla, CA: Cook’s Sea Cave Infill Project

Cook’s Sea Cave Infill Project, La Jolla CA

AMC responded to complete this emergency repair to Cook’s Sea Cave for the City of San Diego to ensure stability of the roadway and utilities above. Our scope of diving work included underwater welding, rock drilling, underwater pumping of erodible concrete, installation of 135 ballast blocks integrated with filter fabric to act as a breakwater, installation of steel bulkhead and welding of closure plate. AMC was proud to offer our diving services to help maintain such an environmentally pristine area so that it can continue to be enjoyed by the local San Diego residents and visiting tourists.


Commercial Diving

American Marine Corporation Commercial Diving

American Marine Corporation has been supplying commercial diving services worldwide, from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Islands since 1973, and is currently serving a wide variety of public and private sector clients in all three of our operating regions.

Our capabilities include air diving to 190 feet, mixed gas diving to 300 feet, and the supply and operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV).


Some of our capabilities are as follows

Search & Recovery Operations
Underwater cofferdam construction and installation
Hull inspection and repair
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Offshore moorings and platforms
Marine outfall inspection and repair
Construction support
Underwater video and photographic inspection
Scour inspection and repair
Dam rehabilitation
Epoxy injection and pile encapsulation

American Marine Corporation has built a reputation of a safe, reliable, quality diving services with a history of successful project completion and service. Our core diving staff in each region provides the client with a stable workforce upon which to call in emergency situations.