Alaska Commercial Diving Services

American Marine Corporation in Alaska is proud to employ professional, experienced commercial dive crews who adhere to the highest standards in Health & Safety.

Commercial diving operations are a fundamental element in support of underwater infrastructure. This includes marine construction, maintenance, and refurbishment of underwater infrastructure and inspections and assessments.

Industries that rely on underwater assets look to commercial divers to provide visual and tactile information on assets below the waterline. These industries include power generation, oil and gas, municipalities, and manufacturing.

To be a successful commercial diver means to be a jack-of-all-trades, possess problem-solving capabilities, and adhere to a strict safety culture.

They follow the most up-to-date standards and regulations for commercial diving, ensuring safety is first in mind.

A commercial dive team’s responsibility ranges from preparing health & safety plans, conducting risk assessment and mitigation strategies, to safely completing underwater works.

Some of our commercial diving capabilities are as follows:

  • Search & Recovery Operations
  • Underwater cofferdam construction and installation
  • Hull inspection and repair
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Offshore moorings and platforms
  • Subsea pipeline installation and repair
  • Subsea cable installation and repair
  • Marine outfall inspection and repair
  • Construction support
  • Underwater video and photographic inspection
  • Scour inspection and repair
  • Dam rehabilitation
  • Epoxy injection and pile encapsulation

AMC employs qualified commercial divers with the latest underwater tools. Our Divers have trades and experience completing tasks underwater once they get to the job site. We are experts at safely working with contaminants and in confined spaces. We know underwater construction, welding, cutting, dredging, searching, and inspection.

We utilize remote vehicles where possible to minimize the number of personnel on-site and underwater. From oil and gas exploration to underwater construction, commercial diving services in Alaska offer a wide range of specialized skills and expertise to meet our clients’ needs in various industries.

In Alaska, where the waters are cold and the conditions are often challenging, commercial divers must be prepared for various hazards, including extreme temperatures, strong currents, and low visibility.

As a result, our commercial divers in Alaska must adhere to strict safety standards to protect themselves and ensure that projects are completed safely and efficiently.

One of the primary areas of focus for commercial diving services in Alaska is the oil and gas industry. With vast oil and natural gas reserves located off the coast, commercial divers are essential for exploring and developing these resources.

Divers may be tasked with conducting pipeline inspections, performing underwater maintenance and repairs, or installing and removing equipment. In addition to the oil and gas industry, commercial diving services in Alaska also play a critical role in underwater construction projects.

These may include the construction of docks, bridges, and other structures that require underwater foundations. Commercial divers use specialized equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently complete these projects, often working in challenging conditions and deep waters.

Another area of focus for commercial diving services in Alaska is marine salvage and recovery. When vessels or other equipment sink in Alaska’s waters, commercial divers are called upon to recover them.

This may involve underwater cutting and welding tools, lifting and rigging equipment, and other specialized techniques to bring the sunken vessel or equipment to the surface safely.

Overall, commercial diving services in Alaska are critical in supporting various industries and ensuring the safe and efficient development of the region’s natural resources.

With their specialized skills and expertise, commercial divers in Alaska are well-equipped to meet the unique challenges of working in this remote and rugged region.

American Marine Corporation has built a reputation of safe, reliable, quality diving services with a history of successful project completion and service. Our core diving staff in each region provides the client with a stable workforce upon which to call in emergency situations.

Call our Alaska office at (907) 562-5420 to inquire about Arctic Commercial Diving Services.

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