Tugboat Services – Marine Transportation

American Marine Corporation is a powerful force in the tugboat and towage market, able to service clients in America, including Alaska and Hawaii, Africa, South America, and West to the Pacific Islands.

AMC has an extensive fleet of tugboats that are economical to operate, reliable, and manned by experienced personnel ready for any marine transportation project.

AMC specializes in ocean towage of barges and ships, both on routine contracts and emergency towage.

AMC also offers tugs for port operations, emergency rescues, firefighting, supply and crew transfers, standby tug or guard vessels.

AMC offers competitive prices for charters of tugs for marine civil engineering operations, surveys, diving, and other workboat duties.

AMC operates with professional crews, experienced in the business of towage, ensuring safe delivery of the towed vessel.

Using AMC for your marine transportation, you will experience the benefit of dealing with an expert company, a highly efficient operator, who provides a personal service while paying attention to every detail.

Some of our more common marine transportation services are:

  • Ocean logistics support
  • Ocean cargo tows
  • Construction support
  • Dredging support
  • Oil tanker tending
  • Ocean oil barge tows
  • Ship support/stores
  • Water taxi services
  • Oceanographic surveying
  • Diving support
  • West to East Coast tows

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