Commercial Marine Safety

Safety Through Excellence In Operations

American Marine Corporation’s commitment to Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality (HSSEQ) is considered such a top priority that it is a key component of our Corporate Culture.

At American Marine Corporation our number one asset is our employees. As reflected in our Mission Statement, a project is not considered successful unless it is completed without incident.

To accomplish our Corporate Goal of Zero Incidents, our organization has instilled a high regard for our Safety Culture and we make it a priority that the culture is embraced by all our employees.

AMC is proud to have received multiple Industry Safety Awards which showcase our industry leading Safety track record.

Working in a high risk environment our commitment to Safety goes beyond manuals and memos. It is a responsibility that all our Employees believe in and actively participate in to ensure everyone arrives home safely.

american marine international safety award from state of alaska
Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence
Safety check of a diver before entering the water.