Marine Salvage & Oil Spill Cleanup

American Marine Corporation conducts Salvage & Environmental Services via coordination with Pacific Environmental Corporation, PENCO.  PENCO is a member of American Marine Services group that was formed in 1985 in an effort to provide marine emergency response for oil spills and related environmental services.  

PENCO was the Pacific’s first commercial operator dedicated to oil spill cleanup and since its inception has expanded from its regional office in Hawaii up and down the West Coast from California to Alaska.  PENCO is a cost-effective “one-stop” source for environmental response and remediation, providing equipment, supplies, and staff expertise to exceed the demands of our clients.

AMC and PENCO form a symbiotic relationship with the advantage of bringing together extensive marine knowledge coupled with environmental response and remediation to form a powerful team.  We pride ourselves in being able to bring the best employees and equipment together to ensure every job is completed safely and all the while meeting our “Excellence in Operations” goal.