Marine Salvage & Oil Spill Cleanup



American Marine Corporation conducts Salvage & Environmental Services via coordination with Pacific Environmental Corporation, PENCO.  PENCO is a member of American Marine Services group that was formed in 1985 in an effort to provide marine emergency response for oil spills and related environmental services.  

PENCO was the Pacific’s first commercial operator dedicated to oil spill cleanup and since its inception has expanded from its regional office in Hawaii up and down the West Coast from California to Alaska. 

PENCO is a cost-effective “one-stop” source for environmental response and remediation, providing equipment, supplies, and staff expertise to exceed the demands of our clients.

AMC and PENCO form a symbiotic relationship with the advantage of bringing together extensive marine knowledge coupled with environmental response and remediation to form a powerful team. 

We pride ourselves in being able to bring the best employees and equipment together to ensure every job is completed safely and all the while meeting our “Excellence in Operations” goal.

Marine Emergency Response Services

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Oil Spill and Pollution Clean Up Services

Pollution Control: We deal with pollution and environmental remediation and spill response. Spills such as oil and fuel spills on the water and land. 

We will contain the spill and prevent further spreading of the contaminate.

We will then recover the contaminate and make sure the source is removed to avoid further release of pollutants into the environment.

When this happens on the water we use a spill boom that floats on the surface of the ocean and surrounds the source that is leaking pollutants (i.e ships that ran aground on rocks, a pipeline that is leaking, etc.).


Emergency Response & Salvage Services

We provide a wide variety of Marine Emergency Response services. Namely and most commonly are pollution control and salvage of marine assets.

Hazardous Ocean Material Removal Services

Hazard Material Removal: We deploy a wide variety of skilled labor who are Hazard Material (HAZWOPPER) trained to work with contaminates and remediate them.

We are constantly utilizing our commercial diving teams to recover cargo or valuables that have fallen into the Ocean.

Marine Salvage Services

Marine Salvage: We routinely perform salvage services. This involves recovering an asset that is compromised. Most commonly, this involves an asset over the water, such as a vessel or barge that is having issues and in a dire situation that can lead to loss of life and or property.

We deploy divers to assess the condition of the assets underwater and make temporary or permanent repairs.

We deploy tug boats, barges, and other marine assets to perform remediation of the asset and assist in removing the threat of environmental harm.

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