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AWB 240


Type: Flat Deck Barge
Dimensions: 242′ x 60 x 15.4′ / Open Deck 226′ x 54′
Ramp: Certified 50-Ton, Two Sections, Side load or Stern load
Classification: ABS Load Line
Certification: USCG Certificate of Inspection
Gross Tons: 1804 Tons
Net Tons: 1804 Tons
Cargo Capacity: 4400 Tons, 5′ High Structual Binwall
Pump Room: Active Ballast and Trim Tank System
Breakwater: 14′ High
Official Number: 580276
Area of Operations: Coastwise, Registry

AMC 110

american marine corporation

AMC110 Barge

Dimensions: 110′ x 32′ x 7′

Winches: 2 each, 4 drum 25,000# Line pull Clyde waterfall winches (as requested)

Machinery: Hydraulic power packs/ compressors/generators/dive gear (as requested)

Mooring Array: 7/8″ Wire Rope, Fixed Turning Blocks and Berger Fairleads, 4-Ton Anchors

Crane: 40 ton American crane/ Caterpillar 330 excavator (as requested)

Gross Tons: 206 Tons

Net Tons: 206 Tons

Official Number: 1211116

Area of Operations: Coastwise Registry

Loadlined: DNV