American Marine Corporation operates a fleet of ocean-going tugboats, crew boats, dive vessels, deck barges, crane barges, and work vessels have been serving the West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Islands, and Alaska since the 1970s.

Our vessels are manned by construction oriented crews who have the knowledge and understand the discipline required to see complex projects through to safe and timely completion.  We operate in harbors and work sites that require extensive local knowledge in order to successfully complete projects without incidents.

American Marine Corporation maintains its fleet to high industry standards through following compliance and guidelines for the American Waterways Operators (AWO), Coast Guard and local regulations. Vessels and compliance standards are reviewed annually to ensure our operations stay safe.

Some of our capabilities include: 

  • Ocean logistics support
  • Ocean cargo tows
  • Construction support
  • Dredging support
  • Oil tanker tending
  • Ocean oil barge tows
  • Ship support/stores
  • Water taxi services
  • Oceanographic surveying
  • Diving support
  • West to East Coast tows